I’ve added 12 HQ photos of Holland at the The Moet and Chandon Suite at the 2015 BNP Paribas Open on March 21!


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Edit: The version of this video on Youtube was leaked prior to its official release! Please support Holland and Dutch Party by not further redistributing it and waiting for the official release. I’d like to apologise to all involved for accidentally furthering the leak.

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Are you ready for some exciting news? Are ya sitting down? OK, well, Teen Wolf‘s Holland Roden is going to be hosting a monthly web series for us and it’s all about fashion, makeup, trends, and, basically, anything else you may want to know about re: your look.

On February’s episode of “Got You Covered,” Holland is joined by Girl Code‘s Nicole Byer, and the two talk about style and beauty philosophies, admit to regrettable trends they’ve dabbled in, and more.


I’ve added over 40 HQ photos of Holland attending the December 17 premiere of Ask Me Anything!


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I’ve added five HQ photos from a shoot Holland did earlier this year to the gallery!


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I’ve added over 20 HQ photos of Holland attending Just Jared’s Homecoming Dance on November 20!


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A microbiology major from Dallas, Teen Wolf actress Holland Roden never imagined herself starring on MTV, much less on a hit show about the paranormal. “Early on I wanted to be an astronaut, and I went to space camp several years in a row,” she says. But after her dad convinced her to switch from prep to public high school (“he wanted to go to Scots games, and you get moved up on the list for football season tickets if your kid goes to the school,” she says), Roden started performing in student productions and discovered her talent for acting. I caught up with her and asked what she’s reading, eating, and wearing these days.

Items you always carry on a flight:Jack Black chapstick in the tube and Burt’s Bees Pomegranate. They don’t put your lips in severe pain when they’re parched—I think we’ve de-evolutionized our lips with chapstick. I always have to have gum, usually a pair of sunglasses—because everyone looks lovely getting off a flight. And Deweyes [now called Eyes by ToGoSpa] is the best brand I’ve found for undereye gels. I’ve been using them at work for years.”

Book you’re currently reading: “It’s an antifeminist name, but my best friend got me this book called Eat Pretty. She and I are trying to work on a food docu series. It’s not like a Michael Pollan or Marion Nestle per se, but it’s almost like a how-to recipe book to build your pantry. It’s cute. I also loveThe Omnivore’s Dilemma. It’s sort of The Iliad of [food] books.”

Favorite restaurant: “I was a West Hollywood-er for so long, and so I always loved Marix Tex Mex, Earthbar, and all your very typical LA spots—your margarita Friday place, your healthy smoothie spot. But now I’m in Pasadena. It’s going to be new exploring.”

First acting job: “I would do student films on the weekends in high school. I’m surprised I wasn’t on the six o’clock news. I would go on Craigslist and acting websites and go to these local auditions when I was 15, 16. Later, I booked an HBO series my sophomore year in college. It was called 12 Miles of Bad Road. We finished shooting our first season, and it got cancelled before it aired.”

Go-to workout: “This is probably the most LA comment that I’ll ever say: Pasadena does not have a Barry’s Bootcamp, and I am obsessed with Barry’s Bootcamp. It made me fall in love with working out. They dim the lights and everything has a red tone to it, so everybody’s skin looks phenomenal with no makeup and sweat.”

Hidden talents: “The double-jointed, three loops with your tongue circus trick; I’m left-handed; and I just found of I’m an O negative blood type. I’m the recessive of the recessive of the recessive, the earliest model that’s going to be the next extinct human. I’m the green-eyed, redhead, left-handed, O negative girl.”

Product that no longer exists but you wish did: “The dollar flip brushes that you kept in your Caboodle. They had the little attached brush in there that folded down on itself with a little mirror. That was the coolest invention. And I have one, but it took me a long time to find one. I had to go to eight different CVS stores.”


Holland’s feature begins on page 208! The issue is also available via the Issuu app for iPad/iPhone.